Send a snail

I am a HUGE fan of snail mail. Like ridiculously so, and nothing perks me up on a cloudy brain day more than the arrival of a snail in the mail.

We all love receiving happy mail but sometimes getting to the post office or remembering to do so fails us – we’re only human.

Send a Snail and Share the Joy

So if there’s someone you know that could do with a little ‘perk me up’ then fill in the form below with the following;

  • Recipients name
  • Choose a message theme from the list (no generic postcards will be found here)
  • Your name
  • Their Address

and within 3-5 working days a postcard will be sent to their real life letterbox. No catch or ought.

Postcard Categories

  • You Got This (cheerleader to the rescue)
  • Thinking of You
  • Just a Note
  • You are Loved
  • Well Done

If you’d prefer to provide your own message or a combination of the above, just pop it in the email.

There is no catch. There is no fee. Just a bunch of human beings doing something for another human being because we can.