human to human…

Hello and welcome to my meanderings and musings…

Named April-Rose by my mother some thirty odd ago and diagnosed Bipolar II Rapid Cycling a few moons ago; this blog tracks my journey as I discover more about the illness, discuss the stigma surrounding it, document my moods and emotions and include some fun things for good measure.

As much as writing this blog is helpful to me (to stop things running on repeat in my head), it’s about helping others, it’s about helping you, anyone who is going through the same thing. Through honesty and hopefully a little humour I want to support you in your journey. I won’t always get it right, but I’m just on the other end of this blog if you want to get in touch to vent/chat/gossip/ etc email me at: aprilrose @seasonsofapril.co.uk

oh and also…

You probably should know a little surface level deets to see if I’m the kind of gal you could take home to your mother; There’s the usual shit that reads like a dating profile;  indie flicks, boxsets, road trips and car raves singing out of tune and listening to good music namely;  Counting Crows, Keaton Henson, Paramore, The Civil Wars, Bear’s Den, Frightened Rabbit, Bon Iver and the list continues.

I have a kitten called Arthur who is the bomb, he can be found sleeping on a window sill and has a penchant for Sheba – the dude has expensive taste.

Things I’m interested in that I probably wouldn’t share on a dating profile include; historical figures, crime – and this was long before the Making of a Murderer show, fashion, make-up – I have over 40 lipsticks… nature – I don’t look like the type and no I don’t want to sleep in a field necessarily but put my feet in the sea or plonk me in the woods breathing in the fresh air and I’m one happy broad.

As Carol Ann Duffy once said, I give you an onion.



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