Hair today… hair tomorrow? A dare-to for rainbow hair enthusiasts

My ever changing hair colour is often the topic of conversation, stranger stares and random folk stopping me to say my hair looks *insert adjective here*.  So after some gentle persuasion from a fashion group I’m part of on Facebook – ‘My Style Squad’ I thought I’d tell you how to get the colour yourself and rate some products so you don’t have to!

Hair Chalk

I love hair chalk, absolutely LOVE the versatility and colour combinations however I do not love how dry it makes my hair look and feel… which is why I’ve recently put the chalk sticks down and tried something else (we’ll move on to that later). I was putting chalk on my hair every other day for months – on bleach blonde, let’s face it it’s white hair, so it’s not surprising it’s chalky bi-product was left in my hair.

Hair chalk whatever the brand, needs reapplying after you’ve washed your hair so I advise you wash it every other day if you can.

How To: Apply to towel dried hair, preferably don’t condition it before application as it won’t stay in as long – instead add some leave in conditioner after application.

Urban Outfitters Ombre Hair Chalk Set

Ombre Hair Chalk Set by Urban OutfittersI’ve used a fair few hair chalk, Urban Outfitters Hair Chalk (£12) is by far and away the best – my friend Lauren bought me some for my birthday a few years ago and I never looked back. It stayed in my hair for a good few washes and was the pastel tones it promised to be and more. Bravo. It didn’t make my hair feel wonderful but it did look wonderful so that’s all that mattered really, as long as it’s used as a short term hair colour alternative.

I hate to be the barer of bad news as I’ve sung loudly from rooftops about it but they no longer stock it – we need to start a petition.

If it was still in stock it would receive a resounding 5/5.

Pixie Lott Paint

Pixie Lott Hair Paint

Pixie Lott has her own hair chalks and crayons, I don’t even have any photographs of me with it in my hair because it was tosh. Washed out after one wash, tiny chalks and not very nice colour options. Seriously don’t bother even if it is under £4 in Superdrug at the moment. 

It’s RUBBISH 1/5. 


Hair Chalk

Yeh, that’s it’s name… no bells and whistles and for £2.99 what do you expect? I have to say though it’s pretty darn good. It rubs off onto skin far, far more than the other chalks I’ve used but the colour sits well in the hair (no washing out first wash, take note Pixie) and although it has a chalky texture it’s not so fluffy as the Urban Outfitter Ombre Chalk. This was great for trialling various colour combinations and having #rainbowhairdontcare, I would however advise that you don’t put any of the blue colour near your face or neck else you will look like Smurfette, and no it’s not adorable.

A sterling 3.5 / 5 great for hair chalk first timers without breaking the bank.

Just some of the looks you can achieve with Hair Chalk colour:

Semi-Permanent Colour

Bleach London

Bleach London is popular with the kids, being 30 I can no longer fall under that bracket but, fuck it I used it anyway! Bleach London Hair ProductsThere’s a various array of colours with *fun* names (awkward peach, tangerine dream, sea punk and so on) which offer pastel shades in abundance. I have used Rosé, Blullinni and Violet Skies, all to varying degrees of success;


Beautiful pink shades especially if used in combination with the shampoo and conditioner in the range. However it didn’t last long and the pink was pink but more candy floss than marshmallow. Depending on the intensity of the colour result you’d like – this might work for you if you want to add ombre pink ends or strands here and there, I wouldn’t recommend it for all over colour.


Well maybe it’s just because my hair is so pourous but
this was more grey than blue on my hair but when added with the Silver Shampoo on offer it did give bluey hues that were ethereal and greatly complimented.


This is brilliant. I’m biased because I bloody love purple hair but this gives a beautiful pastel shade and if mixed with the silver shampoo the colour is more intense. Try it, you’ll love it.

If you want colour that will wash out in a week or so and isn’t too intense but offers the pastel shades it promises on the bottles then this is for you. Although it does give all over colour I’d recommend it for ombre and strand colour…

Call them a black cab because they’ve pulled with this 4/5.

Smart Beauty Pastel Hair ColourSmart Beauty Pastel Hair Colour

Pastel shades are all of the rage… we’ve known that for ages and it’s not a trend that seems to be wearing out anytime soon,it just evolves and the colours available for you to try and experiment with do so as popularity grows which is great for those of you who, like me need options.

Smart Beauty is a cheaper product around £4.49 or if you go to Savers much cheaper than that.
It does do what it says on the tin, your hair will be a pastel shade if! you have very bleached blonde hair to begin with, for those of you wanting to add some colour to darker blonde hues, don’t even bother.

It’s alright but it’s not anywhere near the best available, so a deflated 3/5. 

Crazy Colourcrazy color pastel hair colours

It may be just me doing it wrong but I tried marshmallow and lilac in this line and none of them did anything. And I left it on for ages, tried clean hair and dirty hair NOTHING WORKED.

0/5 End of. 

 Knight & Wilson Colour Freedom

Knight & Wilson Indigo Night Hair ColourI have been using chalk for a year and love the vibrant colours that Bleach London just wasn’t able to offer me so I thought I’d try something new. Currently 2 for £7.50 at Superdrug this Colour Freedom is pretty intense, thankfully the pasteliser is great at toning the colour down where you want it so you can create your own ombre hues. But let me make this very clear, the colour is POWERFUL; make sure you wear the gloves as instructed or you will morph into smurfette, and insure yo
u put a towels down everywhere and wear your least favourite pajamas on application. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.  I opted for the shade Indigo Night, it looks far more blue than indigo and it wasn’t the purple I was hoping for from the box match but, it still looks pretty fucking cool. So if you use this brand for the first time just reduce the time the colour is developing  5-10 minutes will be light and creamy and anything over 15 minutes you should expect vibrancy to the max.

A bold 4/5 for those of you wanting to stand out from the crowd.

P.s this is my current colour.


There are so many toners on the market promising to give you the whitest of white shades using their ash sorcery but many fail to live up to their hype. Then there’s those that promise subtle hues of candy floss and lilacs but which actually work? And after all of that colour what products really do look after your hair?


BBlonde Silver Hair TonerThis toner is one of those you’d buy if there was no other available and your hair was one shade a way from looking like side show bob orange. It’s cheap enough and it sort of works but it won’t give you the grey, silver hues it promises.

A sad and lonely 1/5.


Schwarzkopf Hair Toner for BlondesIf you want to have a rest from being a mermaid this toner is great for neutralising old pastel shades, especially if you’re aiming for a white blonde. Just be sure to pick up the ash toner and not the champagne blonde (trust me on that one).

4.5/5 for lightening white hair.

L’Oreal Feria

L'Oreal Feria Pastel Hair TonerIf you just want to look on trend for an event or a party then this is the toner for you. It washes out quickly – 3 washes and it’s all gone in my experience. But when the colour is there (whether pink, silver or mauve) it looks like it does on the box – a rare thing, perhaps they should have a medal for accuracy.

3/5 depending on your need for long lasting colour. 

What you could achieve with a little Semi-Permanent colour:

After Care

Pro:Voke Touch of Silver

My favourite hair product range on the planet Pro-voke touch of silver hair care productsis Pro:Voke Touch of Silver. It’s bloody marvellous, the whole range brightens, toughens and cares for your hair and it’s not ludicrously expensive. The violet once a week brightening shampoo is great for when my chalk and toners have washed out as it keeps my hair looking bright with a touch of…. drum roll please… silver! If you have blonde hair of any shade buy this shampoo and conditioner, even if you don’t use it every wash, you won’t regret it.


Most of the products in this post can be found at Superdrug with the exception of Bleach London which is stocked at Boots, Crazy Color can be picked up at Sally’s and the ‘Hair Chalk’ can be found on eBay.

That’s all folks

So there you have it, if you want rainbow, unicorn, mermaid hair; now you know how and how to do with without breaking the bank or your hair. Go forth and be sparkly.




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