april-rose with a side of bipolar…

World Bipolar Day has just gone by and I have done my best to avoid it… These days of acknowledgement always make me feel a little disheartened, that we need one at all is disappointing. But then again all the big illnesses and diseases have them, but what I wouldn’t give to live in a world that doesn’t need reminding of these things. That like the people whom carry it with them everyday, society becomes a safe place that embraces it without fanfare or stigma.

Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s a bit optimistic and Disney-esque but it would be nice wouldn’t it?

Currently I’m sort of done talking about Bipolar and my experience of it, it seems of late albeit not in the realms of my blog; that all I have done is talk about it. To the point that I feel I have become April-Rose with a side of bipolar rather than just April-Rose. So forgive me if I become quiet or talk more of other things but I am in the mind set of just trying to live my life and be, rather than constantly analyse every word I write or the words I say. 

It’s a healthy milestone for me; not to try and justify my behaviours or feelings. Just be me. 

So I’m going to try for a little while, to live the life I have been given and use my bipolar as a strength not the weakness I’ve turned it into within my day to day   and see where it leads me.

Wish me luck and send me hope, for I most certainly wish it and hope for all of you. 



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  1. jinkerson says:

    Wishing you much luck, and love. Live your life the very best you can, talk about bipolar if you need to, but don’t let it define you. x


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