Chin up, love

This past week has been filled with anxiety and stress that even through other depressive episodes will be a time etched deep into my conscious… It’s been filled with drama of family and love, friends and foes but mostly it’s been a weight so heavy that I couldn’t bare it…

So I called the crisis team.

I’ve called the Samaritans before granted but I’ve never done this, I phoned them and begged them to help me, I told them how I was feeling that I’d been driving and kept thinking ‘what if I just…’ – terrifying thoughts to me now but at the time felt like a solution… And just this effort of talking allowed me to carry on functioning for a little while… It got me to work, It allowed me the courage to drive to Devon for a friends wedding, tell an important person how I really felt about them, the energy to enjoy and appreciate a day with my mother.

But yet as I write this I am in bed for the third day, I haven’t washed my hair for 5 days or showered for 3. I have slept, eaten and watched copious amounts of netflix. Yet the thought of getting up and facing the world has been too much.

I’ve set myself tasks, I’ve managed to go to see a dear friend and do a grocery shop as well as change my bed sheets… But in three days it’s all I have accomplished.

I am exhausted and feel like I could
Sleep forever and each morning I have been, way into the afternoon… And Im unsure as to why, when I had my break down a few years ago I was terrified of the shower, scared I’d slip and fall or drown ?! – so much so my Ex fiancé had to sit in the room with me. And it’s consuming me now… I have no thoughts, no feelings as such other than the fear of showering and facing the world. But I soon have to face it as tomorrow is the end of my annual leave and I have to return to work. And truthfully, I am scared.

But first today, I must conquer the shower fear as I have my first care assessment in my new area and let’s be fair no one wants a stinky mess whinging at them for an hour.

So perhaps they can do something or say something that will pull me out of this funk I’m in and bring me back into the real world – as long as it’s not chin up love, I freaking hate that.

* note. Since writing this I have showered, had my Assessment and conquered ikea. Upwards from here!


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  1. I’m sorry you feel this way, I understand completely where you’re coming from and how difficult it is. I went through a phase of showering once a week because I knew I had to, the only thing I would do would be to crawl out of bed and drag myself to work. I wouldn’t talk whilst I was there and I would hardly work. Depression and anxiety are such a horrible mix, they are so hard to deal with. Good Luck with tomorrow.


    1. seasonsofapril says:

      Thank you 🙂 support of any kind is always gratefully received.

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  2. jwolff3232 says:

    Good luck, sounds like quite a struggle. Next time someone says “Chin up love,” punch them in the neck. That’ll be the last time they ever say it.


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